April 29, 2009

Thanks for your support!

Hello everyone and thanks for your support in our opening week! We are now midway into week two (where did that time go??), and I have been truly humbled by all the messages of support and lovely comments I've received from people both here and via OZ Handmade's social networking on Twitter and Facebook.

To those who have already bought and received items; I hope they are every bit as lovely as you expected. Please don't forget that you can leave your seller some feedback via the Feedback link on the home page.

The amount of items on the site and also our stores has grown considerably since our launch. The new stores that have arrived since my last blog post are:

  • Woddle Bots: Modern cloth nappies and gorgeous kid's clothes;
  • Divine Baby: Mel has her own range of baby/kid carrying slings as well as 'Messy Bubby' mess mats and more;
  • JazzyLee Kidz Biz: Pretty tulle skirts and other kid's clothes to order;
  • KM Creations: Appliqued kid's tops and nifty art packs (complete with stationery!) with more to come;
  • Shabby Raggy Roses: Shabby chic homewares including lovely quilts and customised cushions;
  • Stitches from the Bush: Beading and all manner of stitched goods including lavender bags, pin cushions and more coming soon!
  • HoneyBeedz Online: Bookmarks that hold Pandora-sized charms and beads - again, with more items to come :)

I have also started gathering up some items to sell directly from the OZ Handmade shop on here, starting with completely handmade greeting cards and also leather jewellery and keyrings. There are previews of some of the greeting cards on the site now, they should be available for purchase by next week.

I received a lovely email from Liesa of The Handmade Expo in Queensland earlier this week. The Handmade Expo is a monthly craft market in Ipswich selling handmade goods, and it turns out that we already have one of their market stalls on board this site too (Alana's Soaps and Stuff)! This was all set up by a mother-daughter team (Liesa, Micky & Miriam) which I must say is quite impressive, as they have over 80 individual stalls at each market. Well done!

Of course, we'd gladly welcome more of their stallholders on board... ;)

They are urgently looking for a few more people in the area to provide them with some handmade goods to sell on their behalf at the Ipswich show (7-9 May), as a means of promoting The Handmade Expo. If you're in that general area of Queensland and think you could help out, please let them know ASAP - details on their blog.

If you'd like to know more about The Handmade Expo, please click their logo:

The Handmade Expo

We are proud to now be a part of Style Collective (http://www.stylecollective.com.au) - this nifty site contains loads of articles and links to various shopping-related topics and stores. We are listed in several different categories of their directory and look forward to working more with the site in future.

Lastly, there is now a forum for our shoppers to chat on! Click here to check it out :)

Take care!

Kind Regards,
-Michelle. :)

April 14, 2009

Another new store - and the word-of-mouth continues!

Hi everyone!

I'm pleased to announce that we have another store on board - Quirky Chicken - which specialises in painted polymer clay jewellery, though owner Rebecca has plans to expand her range down the track. Every piece she makes is one of a kind so you'll have to be quick once they're listed!

You may have noticed OZ Handmade's logos starting to pop up on blogs here and there - Bad Mummy, I ♥ Craft to name a few. We'd love it if you could link to us also (email me on ozhandmade@gmail.com after you've done so if you would like a mention in our blog!). I've got logo images of all sizes if you need them - here's a few examples, let me know if you need something different:

OZ Handmade

OZ Handmade

OZ Handmade

OZ Handmade

We'll also be getting a mention in Mixtape Mashup later this week, which is a joint promotion between Mixtapezine & Whipup. Thanks for the links, everyone!

MixTape Zine

For those who are looking for commercial advertising opportunities, I am working on the banner ad system at the moment and hope to have some rates decided on soon. Please let me know if you're interested. :)

April 11, 2009

Happy Easter & ONE WEEK TO GO!!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter with their families and friends, stay safe on the roads won't you?

Well, things are going smoothly here. We have just over a week to go before OZ Handmade's launch day and the stores have got some fantastic stock ready to go. Some stock should start arriving at OZ HQ soon too (basically, I'm going to be buying up the handmade goods that aren't already being sold on the site so we can offer as large a variety as possible).

If you have any suggestions as to what we should offer on the site, or you have goods you'd like to sell, please contact me on ozhandmade@gmail.com.

See you at the launch!