October 15, 2012


This as a small business is the hardest thing to decide to do.

There are so many factors when deciding to advertise your business.
Where do you advertise?
Will I get value for money?
How do I know it's the right place for my business to advertise.

In the time I have been CEO of OZ Handmade, this has been the hardest thing for me. I can tell you I have wasted some serious big bickies $$$$ so far.

At the moment I am currently paying for advertising with
The Mummy Tree and Promoting Australian Small Business.

I also have links on True local, Crafty Mama's Fabrics, Two Little Blue Birds, Handmade HQ(mums who make) I have also advertised with Handmade Kids and will again shortly.

It's hard to find a balance with the hard earned cash $$ and we don't want to just throw it away.

So do you have some advertising tips or even some where that you have advertised and found it value for $$ and would like to share, either comment below or email me at admin@ozhandmade.com.au and I will include your tips or recommendations in my next blog post with a link to your business.

Oh and watch this space for a little surprise happening a little later in the week.
Something Mad is happening.

October 12, 2012

Business's in Focus.

This week, I have been playing a bit and working out what get's FaceBooks attention and what likers get to see and what they don't.

Since paying for an Ad on FB I have noticed a huge reduction in how many of our likers see our posts.

So we have started a daily business in focus post and I am pleased to say that the number of likers seeing posts in their new feeds has increased.

So this weeks business in focus so far has been.

Four Frogs On A Log

October 9, 2012

Hitting Back!!

A few weeks ago I did an ad on Face Book for OZ Handmade and thought I would see how it would go, and if it was a good avenue for advertising.

On average 300-500 people were seeing my posts on the FB page and of the 3000 likers, I thought we will see what the ad will do. If it would bump that up a little.

It couldn't hurt right?

I did the ad over a weekend, it ended up costing about $20, for the weekend. Which I thought would be okay if it would boost OZ Handmade in the virtual world.

So for $20 we got 3 more likers and 8 clicks on the website.  Hmmmm

Not to sure that makes me happy...  That was also with no extra sales for the stores!

So I thought well, that was an exercise I have done it and not sure I will do it again.

BUT.............   to my horror
Since doing the ad, the average people now seeing my posts on the OZ Handmade facebook page has dropped and as yet we have not gone over 150 people seeing the posts.

So the moral to the story, don't do ad's keep doing what you are doing.

At the end of the day they want you paying to promote and to do ad's, but FB I am sorry I wont be doing either again.

Unless I get a voucher to do so again :)

Have a great day

October 6, 2012

Day 5 and pinterest.......

Do you pin?

I do and  you can find me here,
I pin a mixture of things for the home, to the current things you can find in our stores.

I normally pin, every morning and every night when I get into bed from my phone to catch up on the daily events and what those over the oceans have been up to while I have been sleeping. At the moment I am pinned gift ideas for Christmas.

Here are a few of the things I like.

Sadieandlance: Tutorial: Christmas Tree Bunting

Quilted coasters

these are coasters

 adorable Advent calendar!

I think I am catching up on Blogtoberfest...

Until tomorrow

Day 4

Other Blogs!

Who's blogs do you read?

If you have a blog or have a favourite blog please make sure you leave me a comment so I can check it out.

My favourite blogger is Erin from Dog under my desk.
Erin has just released her new wristlet pattern for sale and I had the pleasure to be a tester. It's a lovely and quick little pattern perfect for a gift for Christmas.

One of my other favourite bloggers is Lisa from Crafty Mamas, Lisa is always up to something fun either in her sewing room or something yum she has created in her Thermomix.

One of our stores Tracey from My Obsession and Four Frogs on a log, has a blog and I am really enjoying reading about her love affair with The Organised Housewife. I have learn't a lot, but as yet not put anything into practice.
Perhaps Tracey is more dedicated than I.

October 5, 2012

Day 3

Day 3, 4 and 5 will happen today.

Our stores are gearing up for Christmas as that is only 12 weeks away.

Stunning Christmas Fabric Baskets from My Obsession Designs

October 4, 2012


Here we are 4 days in and I am already 2 days behind.
I will return later with day 3 and day 4 posts.

But first I need to say this... Because it has made me very sad to learn this.

I would like to publicly apologise to everyone in the last 8 weeks that has submitted a store application.
For some reason when I updated the website about 8 weeks ago, the store application form (email) went haywire and in all that time I have not been receiving store applications. I had someone contact me via email and I started an investigation. After a very long night I have found the glitch and have now restored the email part of the application.
Please accept my sincere apologies, I will be busy today opening stores and contacting all new stores.

Thank you for your understanding.
Please share this message with those that you know may have been trying to put in a store application.

October 1, 2012


Day One:
What is Blogtoberfest?  "I hear you ask"
Blogtoberfest is an annual blogging festival and a wonderful opportunity to:
* challenge yourself to blog every day for 31 days
* discover kindred blogging spirits
* carve out a tiny slice of time each day to write and to read
* share any creative projects you have on the go
* host a giveaway, if you feel inclined to spread the love

So I thought I would give it a go
Gem over at Musings of a crafty mind is giving it a go
as is Lisa at Crafty Mama's

So I will try my very hardest to share with you something new on a daily basis.
The girls at bellabutton handmade are October's feature store
Frog Resin Necklace and Ring set.

Until tomorrow

August 20, 2012



The word “Cancer
It makes me shutter, It makes me want to cry, it makes me so sad to know that someone’s life is about to change in the biggest way possible.

Cancer has a way of coming into our lives, unannounced and very much unwelcome.

When I was growing up and I remember my best friend’s mum being diagnosed with cancer, going home to mum and asking her to explain to me what that meant and her telling me just what that did mean for my best friend and her mum. I remember being very sad and thinking “How does this happen” “Why does this happen” and being angry for my best friend, that she may loose her mum before she grew old.
I had never heard of cancer before and I didn’t really know much about it. I was about 14 or 15 from memory.  Sadly my best friends mum did die, a few years later not long after we turned 21. I didn’t know how to comfort my friend and I didn’t know what to say. So I chose to say nothing, instead I turned up to my best friend’s house with a single red rose and gave it to her and just hugged her. It was not until many years later that she told me it was the most perfect thing I could have done.

As the years have gone by and cancer has since touched my life more times than I can now count, I often remember back to that time in my life where I was innocent of this most horrible disease known to mankind. I wish we could find a cure and rid the world of Cancer.

Then just over 4 years ago, my life was again touched with Cancer, but this time it was a very close friend of mine "a sister" one of our own, one of our very dear friends and when I tell you this rocked our world, this rocked our world like our world had ever been rocked before.  This amazing lady was not just one of my best friends from our circle of friends. But we are all as close as sister’s. We are to each other, the family you choose to have.  We cried, we screamed and we did everything we could to make sure she kept her strength to fight this bloody cruel horrible disease and you know what she did… She has fought the fight, of chemo and radiation and brain radiation and then everything else that the doctors and specialists threw at her, she never complained (well not much really) she just fought the biggest fight of her life. As her friends we were with her when we could be and when we couldn’t we would skype, call and text her, we made sure she was never alone. Her family looked after her children and our best friend. Their world as ours stood still in this moment in time. Our main concern and focus was our dear friend. I am sure there were times where she didn’t know where she was going to find the strength to get through her next round of treatment or the strength some days to cuddle her boys. But she did, we were with her every step of the way, her treatment, the loss of her hair, more treatment and finally the step of her last round of treatment. We were all so scared for her and as again we held our breath of news, the news we all so badly needed to hear “Remission” could it really be true! Could we all breath the sigh of relief we all felt. The thing her cancer and treatment taught me(us), was just how precious life is and how the fight can bring people closer than ever before. How protective of that person you become and how protective of everyone and everything they love. It also taught me that the word "Remission" does not mean the fight is over, in many ways it has just begun.  My friend’s parents are the most amazing people ever, they never once thought about what they were giving up to look after their daughter (our best friend) and her boys. They just did what we as parents do for our child/ren we fight like tooth and nail. We are now 4 years on from that day, that day that changed our world forever and I still every day am so very thankful that our darling friend is still here with us.  Since that day we have lost another member of our “Sisters” very suddenly and our dear friend has also lost a very close friend to cancer. I have also lost my grandmother.

Cancer just sucks and it deserves no place in our lives!

Recently my friend Tracey from My Obsession Designs and Four Frogs on a Log lost her mum to cancer, since Tracey’s mum’s diagnoses Tracey and her family have helped raised over $7,200.

It all started when they sat down and “clipped for cancer” and now for the month of August Tracey is donating 10% off all sales from My Obsession Designs to the Cancer Council of Australia.

Tracey’s mum was an amazing lady, who fought so hard to be here for her family and friends but sadly she lost her fight.

 But her legacy will live on because her loved one’s are so determined that with their help they will raise money to help find that cure.
My heart breaks for Tracey and her family as they come to terms of not having their mum and
mama around any more, as I know the pain of losing your mum!

So I ask you to head over and support Tracey and purchase from My Obsession Designs and in turn help find a cure.

Here are a few of the amazing handmade creations you will find for sale at My Obsession Designs.

Tidy up your notice board with these very cute push pins.


Or maybe some magnets to keep all those important notes on your fridge.          
A swimming bag.
A nappy pouch for when out and about

Or a stunning adventure bag for the little boy in your life.
Or a tote bag for your little princess.
But please help find a cure!

Thank you!

Yours in Handmade
Frilly Gilly

July 6, 2012

Face Book

As a business I don't think you can keep all your eggs in one basket any more.
You need to make sure you have a back up plan.
With all the changes lately to facebook, and while they promised it would always remain free, with it now a listed company and that means share holders are looking for profit you now have to pay to promote, this only one change how many will there be in the future?
I think this will make it so much harder for the handmade community as well as other companies. So where do you look for the business exposure?

Websites like OZ Handmade
Where you can have a store front that is hosted by OZ Handmade and pay a very low monthly fee for this service.
Did you know OZ Handmade have been supporting the handmade community since 2009, through their online market place.
OZ Handmade do not charge listing fee's or commission on sold items.
You can also list as many items and photo's per item that you like there is no limit for the one low monthly fee.
You can also have market days were you choose to have your market store open for 3 days a month.
The other great thing with OZ Handmade is with the invoicing system it chases money, addresses and does the invoice for you.
You can do item or category discounts and lots of other great features.
The other awesome thing I think is you are accessing the whole customer database.

Other places
You can host your own website, get your customers to sign up for newsletters and promotions,  promote by having your own blog, lots of people are turning to google+ as a facebook alternative. There is also pinterest and other market websites.

As the owner of OZ Handmade, I am going to concentrate more on the other alternatives to facebook to help promote OZ Handmade.
I do regular ads in many Australian craft/sewing magazines.
You may have even seen a article on me the face behind Frillys Designs and OZ Handmade.

You can follow OZ Handmade on Pinterest click here
Find our facebook page by clicking here
Or sign up for our Newsletter by clicking here

Let us know what you do to promote your Handmade Business ♥

Yours in Handmade
Frilly Gilly

July 5, 2012



With the end of the financial year, often we find our selves a little stressed with all the paper work we have to do and get ready to give to our accountant and make sure we find everything. Every year I promise myself I will be more organised next year. I never am!

So lets take some stress away and tell you about a couple of EOFY sales happening around OZ Handmade.

Buddy is so cute and he is one of the items  you will find on sale at -five- handmade. Karen is having a sale right across her store.

This stunning little dress is one of the selected items you will find discounted at Dalabri

The OZ Shop is also having a sale on Trims, Sewing and Craft Supplies, Patterns and Magazines.  So be sure to pop in an have a browse.
Here is a little taste of what you will find.


Do you love shopping at OZ Handmade and would like to help spread the word.
Then why not order (for free) one of our car stickers today.

June 8, 2012

Avoiding cleaning

My studio has need cleaning for such a long time now.
I keep finding things to do instead.
I always resort to cooking when I have done everything else,
I can to avoid the task at hand.
So thanks to the lovely Amber from Art by Amber, I have a new
recipe that I think will be a huge winner in our house.
Handmade by Frilly ~ Chicken Puffs.

Maybe I will clean the studio next week.

June 5, 2012

The latest OZ Newsletter.

Do you receive a copy of our Newsletter?
Here is a copy of the newsletter that went out today.
If you would like to receive our newsletter please click here.

OZ Happenings: 
Welcome to our OZ Handmade June newsletter. 
It has been awhile since I have managed to put one together for you. 
Actually I did two last month, but for some reason I didn't get a chance to save them before my computer shut down and lost them. 
So then I just took it as a sign from the universe, that I was not meant to get a newsletter out. 
There have been lots happening here at OZ Headquarters with new stores opening and also we have entered the Suncorp 5 grand helping hand
I would love to receive the 5 grand from Suncorp, it would pay for so many great things,that I have planned for OZ. Like advertising and actual professional business cards, just to name a couple. So I would be forever grateful if you would vote for oz. Please click on the link below. 

Store Showcase:

From Gentle Footprint is this very cute little dress that is made to fit those tiny little premmie babies. 

Growing up I just loved Holly Hobby, I remember having my bedroom overflowing with all things Holly Hobby. So if I had a little girl this pinafore would be purchased just for her.
You can find this cute little pinny at Space Kadetz Retro Clothing.   

One of our Newest Stores Rainbows and Ringlets stocks hand dyed beauties. The colours in these are truly amazing. 

This is the Marissa Dress from Dalabri Creations, these are stunning in real life so much attention to detail. 


Meet and Greet: 
Once a Month we are going to have a Meet and Greet from Business's around the WWW. 
I know they are extremely busy people so I have kept the questions to a minimum but I thought it would be a great way to get to know them. So this month :- 
Let's meet Alison from Mums who Make. Mums who make, 
are one of OZ's Sponsors and is a great support to me personally as well as professionally.

In 3 words, what would be the best way to describe who you are? 
passionate - driven - tolerant 

When did you fall in love with Handmade? 
Hmmm that's hard as I cant remember! Growing up in a family of creative women crafting and DIY was always with me, right from when I was younger. I guess though in the last 3-4 years I have a deeper appreciation for it from a business point. But I have always loved anything and everything Handmade. Its in my blood! 

What made you start Mums who make? 
Start MWM - At the time of starting our FB page - there was not a dedicated website that helped consumers source handmade, markets, supplies etc. Yes there were online stores like Oz, but not a place where people that already had websites and were happy to sell through their own could advertise and gain exposure. 

Something that we may not know about you? 
What you may not know - I am a meat - atarian! I don't eat any fruit / vegies or salad. Only eat potato in chips! 

Mums who Make, The Place to find Creators of HANDMADE products in Australia

Sewing/Craft Tips:
When tracing a pattern, use iron on interfacing. Available at all good habadashery stores. Then when you place the pattern pieces onto your fabric, to cut your pattern out. Plavce the iron on side face down! The pattern pieces will not slip around on the fabric. You can use less pins.

New Stores:
Crafty Mama's Creations 
LRW Mineral Makeup
Space Kadetz Retro Clothing 
Gentle Footprint
Rainbows and Ringlets
Lolli Poppits 

 Did you know you can also buy craft and sewing supplies from OZ Handmade.
Oz Handmade has their own store the OZ Shop, the stock Mollie Makes and Sew Hip Magazines direct from the UK, other magazines, patterns, ribbons and trims, blank buttons, blank hair clips and much much more.

There is also Four Frogs on a Log and they are your one stop shop when it comes to sewing threads, sewing needles and rotary cutters and blades.

May 21, 2012

Vote for OZ Handmade

I have applied for a $5,000 helping hand grant from Suncorp Bank.
I would really appreciate if you would take a few minutes and click on the link and vote for OZ Handmade to be in the running for this grant.

I would use the grant to pay for advertising and a few other things to really help put OZ Handmade on the WWW map.

So please vote and also share with family and friends.


May 6, 2012

Oz Handmade stores ~ Sharing their love.

We all love a great bargain
don't we?

2 of the Oz Handmade stores 
have great discounts at the moment

Have discounts on most items in store.

 Four Frogs On A Log
 Have 10% off all 10% off Rasant and Isacord Threads

May 4, 2012

Mollie Makes share handmade love.

I love Mollie Makes!
The magazine from the U.K.
It always has such interesting things to make.
With ways to share Handmade love or 
to recycle something vintage that you have stashed away.

Reading about people from everywhere and why 
they love handmade.

This week Mollie Makes have shared a
free knitting pattern.

Download the free kitty cat hat and baby cardigan pattern here!

Why do you love handmade?

May 3, 2012

Who loves Handmade?

I asked some questions on the OZ facebook page the other day about handmade and why and if people liked it. I received some great feedback and I would like to share it with you.

Kayla D wrote:  It's unique :) 

Kate I wrote:  you don't have the same thing as every other person

Tanja T wrote:  It makes someone feel special when they receive something that is handmade

Sue D wrote:  its original, and made with love

BaBee Blocks wrote:  unique, original, made with love, special, quality, thought of....

Melissa R wrote:  Made with love, not brought from shops or made overseas and they are gorgeous

Nicole M wrote:  The community spirit of it!! From upmarket stores to facebook sellers to local markets, it's all good and everyone can get involved :)

Marney K wrote:  the ethical and environmental good karma you get from buying handmade

Amanda S wrote:  It is all unique

Lauren B wrote:  Knowing that the maker is doing something to change their life while producing something beautiful they can be proud of

Amanda W wrote:  I love that it is made by someone who has put their heart and soul into making the item and it's a unique item as very few handmade items are ever the same :)

Jane P wrote:  I love that is is individual, just for me and that I'm not likely to see anything else like it. I love that I can give a gift to someone that is lovingly made and supports another WAHM/SAHM just like me.

So next time you stop, to buy a gift. 
Why would you buy handmade, we would love to hear your reasons for handmade over store bought.

So please leave your comments below :)

Did you know Mollie Makes are available from the OZ shop Issue #13 is in store now with some back copies available. 

March 27, 2012

Routines and Schedules.

I struggle so much!

With the day to day running of a house,
2 children at home full time,
a part-time husband.
Owing a house and a farm. (and two mortgage's to go with it)
Running two at home business's
and also helping with a local community project.
Let alone the children and their busy social lives.

Wow now that I have written that, I can now see why I feel so far behind.

Perhaps I should not have put it on paper!
Then I would not feel even more overwhelmed.

I just feel I am always chasing my tail.
My kids are not babies and they do a lot to help.
But with a hubby that is only home every 5th week for a few days,
means I take on a lot more because of that too I guess. (need to get him to see that)

I am always late paying my bills, the house always needs something doing.
Where does so much washing come from.

So I am looking for ways to bring it all together!

Do you have any suggestions?

Can you help me put my life into routine?
How do you schedule your life?

What do you do to make  your day's run smoothly?

All ideas are welcome and if you don't want to leave a comment email your ideas to gill@ozhandmade.com and I will include your ideas in my next blog update.

X Gill

March 22, 2012

Totally Craft Crushing!

And so the love affair continues...

In her latest email to me the wonderful Shelley said

Oh gosh you made my day.  Thank you :)

Your fabric sounds soo perfect.  Especially the MM paisley!

Your Dappers and Luka are adorable!!

Do you flickr?  I'd love to see when you're finished!

I don't currently flickr but I'm about to,  well once I stop giggling to myself like a silly school girl!

March 19, 2012

So whose yours?

I have to admit I have a bit of what I'm calling a "craft crush"

I absolutely adore the designs of Shelly Figueroa - aka "Patterns by Figgy".  Which by looking at the latest releases over on Puppy Dogs Tails is probably no surprise! 

Anyway I purchased a paper pattern online last weekend and then yesterdy emailed to find out if it had been shipped.  I just about wet my pants when I saw Shelly herself was replying to my question, and not only that asking about the fabric I was planning to use when sewing her pattern.

Biting the bullet in my reply I directed her to my page so she could see for herself what I have been doing with her work. Still waiting to hear her response but its seriosuly like waiting for a phone call after a first date again, I get butterflies everytime I get a new email notification.

So whose your craft crush?

March 13, 2012

Vacation's over.

Many of our stores have recently had a bit of time off.
For lots of reasons,
to reflect the year gone, to enjoy some family time or just to grab their breath and
to refill the stores with beautiful new products 
for you all to enjoy.

BronzBeadz and Glass
have also had some time off recently
and is back in full swing.
In some cases people go out with a bang 
(so to speak)
But not Bron she comes back with a bang.
Bron has released a new product to her collection and it is just stunning.
You will be the envy of your neighbourhood
 with one of Bronz new Glass House numbers.
They are currently offered at a special introductory price.
So grab one now at the special price.

Another of our stores that has been hard at work

Is the lovely Tracey from My Obsession Designs.
 Tracey has been hard at work getting ready for her monthly Market here at OZ Handmade, 
Tracey hold monthly market days and has such lovely products available for sale NOW until this Friday 16th March 9am (QLD time)
~Nappy Bags & Pouches ~ Kids Back Packs ~ Tote Bags ~  Fabric Baskets ~ Pencil Cases ~ Button Push Pins & Magnets ~ Fabric Covered Note Books ~ Hair Accessories ~ Hand Knitted Baby Cardigans & Vests
The OZ Handmade Shop (affectionately called the OZ Shop)
has lots of new items in stock for 2012.
Blank Fabric Buttons.
Mollie Makes Magazine
Fold Over Elastic is about to be added to store.
As well as Ottobre Designs Magazines for both Woman and Children.
Don't forget our Facebook Page or Our website.
 Until next time Gill♥