June 5, 2012

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OZ Happenings: 
Welcome to our OZ Handmade June newsletter. 
It has been awhile since I have managed to put one together for you. 
Actually I did two last month, but for some reason I didn't get a chance to save them before my computer shut down and lost them. 
So then I just took it as a sign from the universe, that I was not meant to get a newsletter out. 
There have been lots happening here at OZ Headquarters with new stores opening and also we have entered the Suncorp 5 grand helping hand
I would love to receive the 5 grand from Suncorp, it would pay for so many great things,that I have planned for OZ. Like advertising and actual professional business cards, just to name a couple. So I would be forever grateful if you would vote for oz. Please click on the link below. 

Store Showcase:

From Gentle Footprint is this very cute little dress that is made to fit those tiny little premmie babies. 

Growing up I just loved Holly Hobby, I remember having my bedroom overflowing with all things Holly Hobby. So if I had a little girl this pinafore would be purchased just for her.
You can find this cute little pinny at Space Kadetz Retro Clothing.   

One of our Newest Stores Rainbows and Ringlets stocks hand dyed beauties. The colours in these are truly amazing. 

This is the Marissa Dress from Dalabri Creations, these are stunning in real life so much attention to detail. 


Meet and Greet: 
Once a Month we are going to have a Meet and Greet from Business's around the WWW. 
I know they are extremely busy people so I have kept the questions to a minimum but I thought it would be a great way to get to know them. So this month :- 
Let's meet Alison from Mums who Make. Mums who make, 
are one of OZ's Sponsors and is a great support to me personally as well as professionally.

In 3 words, what would be the best way to describe who you are? 
passionate - driven - tolerant 

When did you fall in love with Handmade? 
Hmmm that's hard as I cant remember! Growing up in a family of creative women crafting and DIY was always with me, right from when I was younger. I guess though in the last 3-4 years I have a deeper appreciation for it from a business point. But I have always loved anything and everything Handmade. Its in my blood! 

What made you start Mums who make? 
Start MWM - At the time of starting our FB page - there was not a dedicated website that helped consumers source handmade, markets, supplies etc. Yes there were online stores like Oz, but not a place where people that already had websites and were happy to sell through their own could advertise and gain exposure. 

Something that we may not know about you? 
What you may not know - I am a meat - atarian! I don't eat any fruit / vegies or salad. Only eat potato in chips! 

Mums who Make, The Place to find Creators of HANDMADE products in Australia

Sewing/Craft Tips:
When tracing a pattern, use iron on interfacing. Available at all good habadashery stores. Then when you place the pattern pieces onto your fabric, to cut your pattern out. Plavce the iron on side face down! The pattern pieces will not slip around on the fabric. You can use less pins.

New Stores:
Crafty Mama's Creations 
LRW Mineral Makeup
Space Kadetz Retro Clothing 
Gentle Footprint
Rainbows and Ringlets
Lolli Poppits 

 Did you know you can also buy craft and sewing supplies from OZ Handmade.
Oz Handmade has their own store the OZ Shop, the stock Mollie Makes and Sew Hip Magazines direct from the UK, other magazines, patterns, ribbons and trims, blank buttons, blank hair clips and much much more.

There is also Four Frogs on a Log and they are your one stop shop when it comes to sewing threads, sewing needles and rotary cutters and blades.

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