July 28, 2011

Getting closer

There are a few things changing have you noticed.

Here is a hint :)
Of what is to come can you guess?

July 20, 2011

Introducing "By Suse Hocking"

Suse is just one of our many talented ladies whom have stores at Oz Handmade.

Did you also know that Suse is also a pattern designer.

There are many new things going on at By Suse Hocking HQ.
There is the new slogan: Keeping your little ones "little" with handmade boutique style clothing and toys.

I have been branching out into a few accessories, such as iPad sleeves, iPhone pouches and among other things, some new softies.

But the thing I am MOST excited about at the moment is the new Spring collection that I am working on: Broderei Bliss "Springtime Kiss". Think LOTS of Broderie, vintage lace and Ruffly ruffles! Dresses, skirts, frilly bot nappy covers, all soft and pretty and oh so frilly. With quite a few new colour stories to choose from. I have not completed my new range yet, but keep an eye out for all the new yummy goodness.
With names like "Coconut Ice", "Fresh and Crisp" and "Marshmallow" how could anyone resist?

You can find Suse hanging out in these locations.

email: susan_hocking@hotmail.com

July 5, 2011


Wow it is July already.
How did everyone cope with June 30.
I had totally forgotten about it until I was in the bank queue and could not work out why there were so many people in there.
I thought it was strange until someone in line mentioned it must be so busy because of that, well I hope they were taking money out and not putting it in because the tax man will want some of what they have put in if they are a business.

As you all know there is change happening around OZ,
and over the next few weeks we will reveal a few sneak peaks of what the changes are.
Some will be very subtle and others will be quite noticeable.

Yes that is your first sneak peak, can you work it out.

There are also some new and exciting things coming to OZ.
Very exciting times are afoot.

Have a great day