November 26, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas Part 3.

Boy's Argyle Tie from Cheeky Jasmine
Citrus 4 fruits Handmade Natural Soap from Natures Secret

Ruffled Bloomer from Squeeze Cuddles

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie Nappy Pocket from Soft Bots

Long Leg Navy Shorts and Tee from -FIVE- Handmade

Stay tuned for Part 4 of our Christmas Gift Ideas.

Sale Time.....

Bron has been having a Sale
and it finishes at midnight tonight.
Saturday 26th November.
Don't miss our on your chance to own a beautiful unquie piece from 
Bronz Beadz and Glass.
Bron's work is just sensational.
40 % off with the code bron40 at checkout.

added today to the OZ Shop
has been some craft magazines from the UK.

Cross Stitch and Knitting Magazines.

Did you also know you can buy your Mollie Makes, Sew Hip and Ottobre Magazines from OZ

November 25, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas Part 2...

Well over the last few days, my internet has been on/off/on and off again.
It has made me realise just how much I rely on a good internet connection.

But here I am .... and let's get back to Gift Ideas for Christmas.

 Magnets from My Obsession Designs

Dichroic glass pendant from Bronz Beadz and Glass

 Resin pendant from Bella Button

Poppy Handbag from Love Suzy K

 Jacket in navy with bright coloured Hearts from Playtime for Kids

Pair of Pink blockout curtains from Comfy Ed

  Pink Angel 360deg Christmas Card from Ink-Redible Invites

I hope you enjoy having a look around and the beautiful creations that our stores have to offer this Christmas.  I have started my shopping.

November 21, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas part one:

 I think it's time to show you some awesomeness from our stores
in time for you to start your Christmas Shopping

Teaparty Pink Capri Set, size 6 from Dalabri Creation

 Personalised hair ties from A Scarlett Store

Toddlers Backpack from D'sign Bags OZ

Stayed tuned for part two:

November 20, 2011

I would like you to meet

Recently I sent out an email to all of the OZ Stores and asked them to complete a questionnaire, so we could get to know them all a little better and I would like you all to meet.
Tell us about yourself.
Hi, my name is Rachel. Im a mother to 2 wonderful boys aged 6 and 4. 
I have been happily married to a great husband for nearly ten years.
I work causal as a support worker the looks after young adults with disabilities which I enjoy.
I love spending time with my family they mean the world to me.
Im addicted to internet shopping and I just love fabric.
How long have you been into handmade craft.
I started making handmade craft about  4 years ago .
 The first  thing I made was a dress up costume for my children.
 Then my son's pre-school ask me to make a few things for them like tutu's and dress up costumes.
Since then I've made rag dolls, jewellery and some wall decor for children's bed rooms.
What made you want to make your own creations? 
I started making handmade things because of one of my niece's who is now two . 
She loves handbags and all things girlie.
I just recently was blessed with another niece and before her birth I made
allot more girlie things. So having little girls around me started my to make my own creations.
What is your most favourite thing, you have created?
I don't really have a favourite thing, but I really enjoyed making a rag doll for my niece's 2nd
Birthday it was really fiddley but it was a great challenge making small clothes and hand sewing a face on the doll.
What made you decide to start selling your homemade creations?
I got a little obsessed making handmade thing's and ran out of family and friends to give them too.
Then family and friends started getting asked by different people where did you get that bag from.
So that's when I decided to start selling my handmade creations.

November 1, 2011

Another chance!

For you chance to win another $5 voucher to spend at any OZ Store!

Who came 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in today's Melbourne cup?


Crown Oaks Day itself is also known as??  

OZ Trivia Night:

Answer to the questions can be found within the "Stores" store, in the about me page or policy page or on the store Facebook Page (you will find links to the stores Facebook pages within the questions). The only thing I ask is everyone play fair. You have 24 hours to submit your answers.
When you leave your answers in the comments section under this post on our blog page.

Please be sure to leave your name (first only) and email address. Without these details your entry will be invalid.

Have fun and don't be in too much of a rush because you want to be right the first time.

1st  $15 OZ Voucher
2nd  $10 OZ Voucher
3rd  $5  OZ Voucher

Vouchers can be redeemed at any store within OZ Handmade.
Once the winners are announced, the winners will be contacted and given voucher codes to redeem their vouchers when they go through checkout. You have until the 1st December to redeem your voucher.

There will be other prizes through out the night.

Okay here are the questions:

Tracey from My Obsession Designs asks
How many fabric basket sizes are there?

 Jo from Dalabri Creations asks
what size is the baby pink cotton romper/playsuit?

Oz Handmade asks
When did OZ handmade start supporting the Australian Handmade Community?
Sharon from Playtime for kids asks
I am a  mother of?

Julia from Squeeze Cuddles asks 
What is the name of my 6 layered ruffle bloomers found at my Oz Handmade store? 

Louise from Bellabutton asks
What do Bellabutton call their button hair ties?

Bron from Bronz beads and glass
I have one item for sale @ $15.00...what is the name of it ?   
What is the cost of postage on my items?

Rachel from D'sign Bags Oz asks
Where dose D'sign Bags Oz live currently live?

Leigh from Minkie Baby asks
what are the Minkie Baby Boosters made from?

Kelly from Fuzzy Designs asks
What are the 4 animals featured in the Australian Christmas Decorations?

Louise from A scarlett store asks
In my wall photos there is a badge, what is on that badge?

Natalie from Cheeky Jasmine asks
What is Cheeky Jasmine named after?
when did cheeky Jasmine open?

What are the 3 Magazines you can buy from the OZ Handmade store?