May 21, 2012

Vote for OZ Handmade

I have applied for a $5,000 helping hand grant from Suncorp Bank.
I would really appreciate if you would take a few minutes and click on the link and vote for OZ Handmade to be in the running for this grant.

I would use the grant to pay for advertising and a few other things to really help put OZ Handmade on the WWW map.

So please vote and also share with family and friends.


May 6, 2012

Oz Handmade stores ~ Sharing their love.

We all love a great bargain
don't we?

2 of the Oz Handmade stores 
have great discounts at the moment

Have discounts on most items in store.

 Four Frogs On A Log
 Have 10% off all 10% off Rasant and Isacord Threads

May 4, 2012

Mollie Makes share handmade love.

I love Mollie Makes!
The magazine from the U.K.
It always has such interesting things to make.
With ways to share Handmade love or 
to recycle something vintage that you have stashed away.

Reading about people from everywhere and why 
they love handmade.

This week Mollie Makes have shared a
free knitting pattern.

Download the free kitty cat hat and baby cardigan pattern here!

Why do you love handmade?

May 3, 2012

Who loves Handmade?

I asked some questions on the OZ facebook page the other day about handmade and why and if people liked it. I received some great feedback and I would like to share it with you.

Kayla D wrote:  It's unique :) 

Kate I wrote:  you don't have the same thing as every other person

Tanja T wrote:  It makes someone feel special when they receive something that is handmade

Sue D wrote:  its original, and made with love

BaBee Blocks wrote:  unique, original, made with love, special, quality, thought of....

Melissa R wrote:  Made with love, not brought from shops or made overseas and they are gorgeous

Nicole M wrote:  The community spirit of it!! From upmarket stores to facebook sellers to local markets, it's all good and everyone can get involved :)

Marney K wrote:  the ethical and environmental good karma you get from buying handmade

Amanda S wrote:  It is all unique

Lauren B wrote:  Knowing that the maker is doing something to change their life while producing something beautiful they can be proud of

Amanda W wrote:  I love that it is made by someone who has put their heart and soul into making the item and it's a unique item as very few handmade items are ever the same :)

Jane P wrote:  I love that is is individual, just for me and that I'm not likely to see anything else like it. I love that I can give a gift to someone that is lovingly made and supports another WAHM/SAHM just like me.

So next time you stop, to buy a gift. 
Why would you buy handmade, we would love to hear your reasons for handmade over store bought.

So please leave your comments below :)

Did you know Mollie Makes are available from the OZ shop Issue #13 is in store now with some back copies available.