May 3, 2012

Who loves Handmade?

I asked some questions on the OZ facebook page the other day about handmade and why and if people liked it. I received some great feedback and I would like to share it with you.

Kayla D wrote:  It's unique :) 

Kate I wrote:  you don't have the same thing as every other person

Tanja T wrote:  It makes someone feel special when they receive something that is handmade

Sue D wrote:  its original, and made with love

BaBee Blocks wrote:  unique, original, made with love, special, quality, thought of....

Melissa R wrote:  Made with love, not brought from shops or made overseas and they are gorgeous

Nicole M wrote:  The community spirit of it!! From upmarket stores to facebook sellers to local markets, it's all good and everyone can get involved :)

Marney K wrote:  the ethical and environmental good karma you get from buying handmade

Amanda S wrote:  It is all unique

Lauren B wrote:  Knowing that the maker is doing something to change their life while producing something beautiful they can be proud of

Amanda W wrote:  I love that it is made by someone who has put their heart and soul into making the item and it's a unique item as very few handmade items are ever the same :)

Jane P wrote:  I love that is is individual, just for me and that I'm not likely to see anything else like it. I love that I can give a gift to someone that is lovingly made and supports another WAHM/SAHM just like me.

So next time you stop, to buy a gift. 
Why would you buy handmade, we would love to hear your reasons for handmade over store bought.

So please leave your comments below :)

Did you know Mollie Makes are available from the OZ shop Issue #13 is in store now with some back copies available. 

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