March 1, 2011

✄ Something New ✄

Each month or there abouts OZ Handmade
will interview one of the stores 
currently open on Oz.
The store chosen will be done so 
under strict guidelines.
Gill's daughter will pick a store out of a box.

Each store will be asked 5 questions in their interview 
and then this store will be the store

The store for March is (drum roll please)

Tell us a bit about yourself?
Fuzzy Creations is made up myself, (Kelly) and Kristy. We are both stay at home Mum's. 
I have two daughters 2 and 4 and Kristy has a daughter who is 4 and is expecting her second child in 2 months time. 
We are both very busy mum's as most of us are, trying to keep up with young children and making time to do what we love... creating!! 
Fuzzy Creations has been very exciting for us, we love what we do and are very passionate about our puppets. As soon as our children are in bed at night, out come the scissors and felt and away we go...cutting our puppets!!

How long have you been into handmade craft?
I have always been into crafts, I used to love going to craft markets and buying handmade products before I got into it. 
Fuzzy Creations was started in July 2009 but it took us six months to design, 
make templates and come up with our ideas on how and with what we were going to sell our Finger Puppets. 
Our puppets are sold with Nursery Rhymes, Story Books, Songs and in themed sets of 5 for children to create their own imaginative stories.

What made you want to make your own creations?
I studied Graphic Design about 10 years ago and have also had an interest in designing and creating anything crafty. I actually specialised in 3D design during my studies and with out even realising it, that is exactly what I am doing now. There have been a few other projects along the way which eventually led to the puppets. When we had children I think with all the songs, Nursery Rhymes, Stories and favourite characters from children's TV shows that we were exposed to every day just kept putting ideas into our heads on how to sell our puppets. Neither Kristy or I wanted to go back to work full time having young children so we got together and decided to see where we could go with the puppets, at this time I had about 6 designs of puppets that I had come up with. Our range now consists of about 180 puppets.

What is your most favourite thing, you have created?
My favourite product that we have made is our "Songs" range. These puppets come with a laminated song sheet with the lyrics to the song, The puppets are attached with velcro dots so that they can be re attached once you have finished using them. These are my favourite because they are more popular with babies and toddlers. I love seeing their little faces light up as you sing to them, for example...5 little ducks went out one day.. as you sing you have the 5 ducks on each finger and as each duck in the song disappear so does a puppet from your finger. They get so excited and laugh. Some of our other songs are, 5 green and speckled frogs, old Mac Donald had a farm, 5 little Monkeys jumping on the bed, teasing Mr Crocodile and more. This range has also been popular with Kinders.

What made you decide to start selling your homemade creation?
We went into it right from the beginning wanting to sell our puppets, we were looking for a way to be able to stay at home and have some pocket money for ourselves too. Both Kristy and I like to always be doing something as well and this is the perfect thing for us to do and we can watch our TV shows while we do it.

Fuzzy Creations has grown a fare bit over the last 12 months and we hope to see it get even bigger, we are now supplying a few retail stores with our puppets and that has been very exciting and rewarding for us.

Something exciting and new for the girls at Fuzzy Creations 
that they didn't mention.
You can now find their products at the Melbourne Zoo.
How exciting would that be to go and visit one of Australia's Largest Zoo's to see your creations on display.
Congratulations "hard work" pays off.

Thank you Kelly and Kristy for sharing your Fuzzy Creations Story.
Make sure you pop in to the Fuzzy Creations store today.

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