November 20, 2011

I would like you to meet

Recently I sent out an email to all of the OZ Stores and asked them to complete a questionnaire, so we could get to know them all a little better and I would like you all to meet.
Tell us about yourself.
Hi, my name is Rachel. Im a mother to 2 wonderful boys aged 6 and 4. 
I have been happily married to a great husband for nearly ten years.
I work causal as a support worker the looks after young adults with disabilities which I enjoy.
I love spending time with my family they mean the world to me.
Im addicted to internet shopping and I just love fabric.
How long have you been into handmade craft.
I started making handmade craft about  4 years ago .
 The first  thing I made was a dress up costume for my children.
 Then my son's pre-school ask me to make a few things for them like tutu's and dress up costumes.
Since then I've made rag dolls, jewellery and some wall decor for children's bed rooms.
What made you want to make your own creations? 
I started making handmade things because of one of my niece's who is now two . 
She loves handbags and all things girlie.
I just recently was blessed with another niece and before her birth I made
allot more girlie things. So having little girls around me started my to make my own creations.
What is your most favourite thing, you have created?
I don't really have a favourite thing, but I really enjoyed making a rag doll for my niece's 2nd
Birthday it was really fiddley but it was a great challenge making small clothes and hand sewing a face on the doll.
What made you decide to start selling your homemade creations?
I got a little obsessed making handmade thing's and ran out of family and friends to give them too.
Then family and friends started getting asked by different people where did you get that bag from.
So that's when I decided to start selling my handmade creations.

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