July 6, 2012

Face Book

As a business I don't think you can keep all your eggs in one basket any more.
You need to make sure you have a back up plan.
With all the changes lately to facebook, and while they promised it would always remain free, with it now a listed company and that means share holders are looking for profit you now have to pay to promote, this only one change how many will there be in the future?
I think this will make it so much harder for the handmade community as well as other companies. So where do you look for the business exposure?

Websites like OZ Handmade
Where you can have a store front that is hosted by OZ Handmade and pay a very low monthly fee for this service.
Did you know OZ Handmade have been supporting the handmade community since 2009, through their online market place.
OZ Handmade do not charge listing fee's or commission on sold items.
You can also list as many items and photo's per item that you like there is no limit for the one low monthly fee.
You can also have market days were you choose to have your market store open for 3 days a month.
The other great thing with OZ Handmade is with the invoicing system it chases money, addresses and does the invoice for you.
You can do item or category discounts and lots of other great features.
The other awesome thing I think is you are accessing the whole customer database.

Other places
You can host your own website, get your customers to sign up for newsletters and promotions,  promote by having your own blog, lots of people are turning to google+ as a facebook alternative. There is also pinterest and other market websites.

As the owner of OZ Handmade, I am going to concentrate more on the other alternatives to facebook to help promote OZ Handmade.
I do regular ads in many Australian craft/sewing magazines.
You may have even seen a article on me the face behind Frillys Designs and OZ Handmade.

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Let us know what you do to promote your Handmade Business ♥

Yours in Handmade
Frilly Gilly

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