October 1, 2012


Day One:
What is Blogtoberfest?  "I hear you ask"
Blogtoberfest is an annual blogging festival and a wonderful opportunity to:
* challenge yourself to blog every day for 31 days
* discover kindred blogging spirits
* carve out a tiny slice of time each day to write and to read
* share any creative projects you have on the go
* host a giveaway, if you feel inclined to spread the love

So I thought I would give it a go
Gem over at Musings of a crafty mind is giving it a go
as is Lisa at Crafty Mama's

So I will try my very hardest to share with you something new on a daily basis.
The girls at bellabutton handmade are October's feature store
Frog Resin Necklace and Ring set.

Until tomorrow

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