October 4, 2012


Here we are 4 days in and I am already 2 days behind.
I will return later with day 3 and day 4 posts.

But first I need to say this... Because it has made me very sad to learn this.

I would like to publicly apologise to everyone in the last 8 weeks that has submitted a store application.
For some reason when I updated the website about 8 weeks ago, the store application form (email) went haywire and in all that time I have not been receiving store applications. I had someone contact me via email and I started an investigation. After a very long night I have found the glitch and have now restored the email part of the application.
Please accept my sincere apologies, I will be busy today opening stores and contacting all new stores.

Thank you for your understanding.
Please share this message with those that you know may have been trying to put in a store application.

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