March 19, 2012

So whose yours?

I have to admit I have a bit of what I'm calling a "craft crush"

I absolutely adore the designs of Shelly Figueroa - aka "Patterns by Figgy".  Which by looking at the latest releases over on Puppy Dogs Tails is probably no surprise! 

Anyway I purchased a paper pattern online last weekend and then yesterdy emailed to find out if it had been shipped.  I just about wet my pants when I saw Shelly herself was replying to my question, and not only that asking about the fabric I was planning to use when sewing her pattern.

Biting the bullet in my reply I directed her to my page so she could see for herself what I have been doing with her work. Still waiting to hear her response but its seriosuly like waiting for a phone call after a first date again, I get butterflies everytime I get a new email notification.

So whose your craft crush?

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