March 5, 2012

Run for cover {Facebook is a changing!}

Ok its been a while since I posted.  And I have a confession to make - I've actually been hiding from the computer!

I recently got the new timeline on my business pages on Facebook and trying to get everything looking good again is such a time eater!  And as I am a bit of a perfectionist I can't just leave things be and do what I am supposed to be doing, instead I start tweaking and resizing and nudging left and nudging right and then before I know it my kids are awake, or asking to be feed, or the clock is telling me I am cutting it fine to make the kindy pick up on time! 

That's why I was more then a bit excited to discover that there are simple and easy to use cover picture makes popping up all over the net.  I am especially excited by the preview of what is in the works at Paint the Moon Photography and am pretty sure that once Annie's templates are ready to go I will be devoting a large portion of nap time to perfecting my cover pics. 

In the meantime I also found an online cover maker HERE which was surprisingly simple to use.  In fact the hardest thing was choosing which image I wanted to use for my background!  I also like the added feature it has of allowing you to create your profile picture from the larger image, thereby allowing them to mesh better.  

And this is what I was able to create in only a few minutes...

My Puppy Dogs Tails profile picture is long overdue for an update and considering how these images work with cover pictures just adds another dimension to an already long checklist!    Is it any wonder I've been hiding!

Please share any tips, tutorials, links etc etc you find that might help in my quest for cover perfection!

Yours (under cover)

Holly xx

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Jane from Lil Pip said...

Thanks so much - a huge help!

I'm waiting for those other templates too. So lovely!