September 16, 2010

Another promotion!

Wow two promotions in as many days!
This giveaway promotion is going to be a bit different!
When we reach 100 stores signed up to Oz Handmade I am going to give a random 5 stores (chosen from all of the current and newly opened stores) free rent for 1 month!
Currently we are at 77 stores, so we need to get 23 store signed up, that’s nothing!
The only stipulations I have are as follows:
  • Your store must be open to be in the running (Part time stores count as open).
  • Store that close WILL NOT affect the count.
If you’ve been thinking of opening a store or know someone who has now is the time to do it!
This competition will run as long as it takes for us to get 23 stores!
I look forward to welcoming many new stores!

Gem xo

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