June 13, 2011

Happy Times and Sad Times

They say change is as good as a holiday.
But sometimes change can bring times of sadness,
but also times of happiness.

This is one of those times of mixed emotions.

I am sad to inform you all that, Gem has stepped down as owner of OZ Handmade.

But I am really happy and excited to tell you that I have taken over the reins.
I have promised Gem that I will look after OZ and nurture it, water it and make it grow.
Gem is going to concentrate full time on her family, study and work commitments.

As most of you know I also am owner of Frillys Designs on Oz
and also can be found on Face Book.
I have decided to scale back my range at Frillys so that I can concentrate on OZ at this point in time.

I would also like to introduce those of you that don't know Beck from Baby Laila , she has agreed to be my partner and help me out.
I feel that OZ is too big for just one person.

So I thank Beck very much for also coming on board and helping me out.

Gem, it is with sadness that we wave farewell but thank you for making OZ what it is today.  Thank you.

So if anyone needs help please do not hesitate to email me Gill or Beck

Have a wonderful Monday and take care   

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Wow! Sad to see Gem go, but awesome to see you take over Gil & Beck! Looking forward to watching Oz Handmade grow even more <3