August 6, 2009

Store Spotlight: Whimsical Wool

Welcome to the second store spotlight, this time round we are spotlighting Jodie at Whimsical Wool.

Whimsical wool specialises in hand dyed wool and row counting knitting bracelets.

Whimsical wool started with the birth of Jodie’s first child and her love of MCN (modern cloth nappies) and the gorgeous knitted woollies babies were wearing over their nappies!

Jodie’s wool dyeing obsession started at a friends house with wool from a craft store and lots of pots of food colouring. Jodie was finding she couldn’t knit fast enough to use all the wool she was dying so Whimsical wool was born!

The colours Jodie’s uses are bright and vibrant and she uses only the best wool.

Jodie plans on restocking Whimsical wool in the middle of each month but is planning on adding extra stock in September to coincide with the Great Down under nappy hunt, so keep an eye out for more of Jodie’s gorgeous wools.

Jodie was kind enough to tell me a bit about herself.

I’m Jodie, known around the traps as Jojo. I have two gorgeous children – James, my big 6 year old schoolboy and Laila my 19 month old little pixie/acrobat. I also have a wonderful husband who pretends not to notice my wool pile growing and growing each week!

I have always been involved in lots of different crafts over the years. Others that I particularly enjoy include soap making and beading. Last year I made over 300 beaded bookmarks for Harper Collins and a local library to coordinate with the launch of a popular fantasy author's latest books. It was lots of fun designing and making them up. In my store I sell beaded knitting bracelets and will soon be stocking stitch markers too. Sales from my grand opening last month received a set of stitch markers with their order as a bonus :)

I love playing with colour. My son James likes to suggest colours when I am dyeing and has dyed himself up a rainbow skein to play with too.

Kettle-dyeing is probably my favourite method out of the ones I use - throwing the colours in the pot and never quite knowing what the finished skein will evolve into. My favourite colour is purple
and I have to stop myself putting it into every skein I dye LOL! I love to see my wool knitted up into garments - always very exciting.

Jojo xox

Thanks for your time Jo.

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