March 9, 2010

Pick Of The Day

I’ve decided to pick one item a day to feature.

Today’s pick is…

Zahley Rose logo

              Cot Rail Protector

ZR - Cot Rail Protector
Cot rail protectors are a perfect item for any nursery, they are a fashionable way to prevent any unwanted bite or chew marks on your child's cot. The fabric can be chosen to compliment your nursery’s decor and will look great in both a boys and girls room.
Cot rail protectors are perfect for when your toddler starts to chew the cot rail. (They can also hide the damage from your first child!) These are custom made to ensure that they are not only a perfect fit for your cot but a perfect match for the colour scheme in your nursery.
When ordering these, please ensure that you leave a current email address so I can contact you about colour choices and cot measurements.
Zahley Rose has many other handmade items for sale in their store, be sure to stop by and check them out!
Check back tomorrow for the next Pick Of The Day!

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