March 8, 2010

What’s Happening at Oz Handmade

Well there is heaps happening behind the scenes at Oz Handmade!
Most of which I can’t tell you all just yet but one thing I can tell you is that Oz Handmade is going to be featured at the Melbourne Stitches & Craft Show, Caulfield Racecourse May 5th – 9th 2010.
I’m so excited and have so much to do before then!!
I really think this will be a great stepping stone for Oz Handmade, not only will it mean lots of new customers to our stores but hopefully new stores full of awesome handmade items!!!!
So if your in Melbourne and planning on heading over to the Show don’t forget to stop by our both, we are up the top in the incubator section, I’m unsure of our booth number yet but once I know I’ll let everyone know here, on the home page and FB!
Onto other news, we’ve had heaps of new stores open their doors since taking over from Michelle in November!
We currently have over 40 stores signed up and those number are climbing every day! I love seeing our little site flourish, I hope to one day have 100’s of active stores selling only the best of handmade items be they supplies or items.
Are you hunting? Not sure what I’m talking about well if that’s the case you’ve been living under a rock LOL!
The 1st of March saw the beginning of the 8th Bi-annual Great Down Under Cloth Nappy Hunt (GDUNH).
Oz is once again sponsoring the hunt and have 5 awesome prizes donated by 5 of our stores!
These prizes are added to the massive prize pool up for grabs.
Baby Chilli - ‘Moo’ AI2 MCN (prize worth $30)
Minkie Baby –  Medium turquoise MCN (prize worth $22)
Blueberry Hen - Baby Cocoon - $20.00 (prize worth $20)
Booty n’ Jodes - Hand knit Vanilla Soaker in a NB size (prize worth $20.00)
Old Mother Hubbard - Mini Master Chef kit + Handmade greeting cards (prize worth $20.00)
Thanks to these great stores for kindly donating these prizes on our behalf!
Its not to late to register, simply head on over to Diaper Decision register and start hunting, you have the rest of the month to find as many icons as you can!
We also have some great specials and discounts in most stores over the site, Check out our home page for full details…
Till we next time..

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