August 1, 2011

So what's new at OZ you ask. First you will notice a new banner and logoI hope you like it. I spent hours on it and I mean hours. I love it! Because it is simple and not only represents Handmade but also OZ I am proud to be an Aussie and think everyone that sells their amazing products on Oz should also be proud to be an Aussie as well. There is so many new things planned for OZ and they will start to roll out over the next little while. Things take time and I was hoping to have everything ready for you all tonight but alas sometimes things take a little longer than others. But as they say good things come to those who wait.

One thing that I am so very proud to share with you all is that OZ will now stock supplies. Under the Oz Handmade store you will be able to purchase, patterns, magazines, trims, sewing/craft supplies and other little things from
time to time. I have recently had a buying trip but they will take a little while to filter in. Only the Oz Handmade store is able to stock supplies the stores will still only offer their awesome Handmade products for purchase. We have new stores opening weekly and are currently updating the website. You will notice changes as they happen, if the links are not working for you then please try deleting your cookies within your browser before contacting me and finding out what the problem is.

Everyone loves a great pattern don't they.
Well I am very proud to let you all in on a very big secret!
A few months ago I was reading an amazing story in the UK's sew hip magazine about a lovely lady by the name of Trish Preston an
d I was so inspired I had to contact her. One thing lead to another and we swapped a few emails and then before you know it I have asked if I could be a stockist of her patterns.
Now not o
nly am I stocking her beautiful patterns in the Oz Store BUT I am Australia's First Stockist of her patterns until now you have had to purchase these from overseas.
So I am very proud to bring
to you Trish Preston's Sprouts patterns. They are currently on shipment to Australia so as soon as they arrived I will let you know.

As things start to arrive I will start to add them to the OZ store, where it is possible I will include postage, so you know exactly what the cost will be.

To keep up to date of everything you will need to be a follower of our blog and it will also be a great idea to subscribe to our newsletter.
You can do this here on our facebook page or email me at and I will add you to our newsletter list.

Well that is all from me tonight. I hope I have created a bit of excitement for you all.


Anonymous said...

Sounds great.

Just so you know your new logo reminds me of the one at with the stitches around the outside.

looking forward to the patterns

OZ Handmade said...

Wow thank you, I didn't even know that site existed.

AmandaSampson said...

Wow, very excited about all the changes Gill. The new logo looks fantastic, cant wait to see the new patterns. :-)

Jane from Lil Pip said...

Love it all Gill. Can't wait to see all your goodies :)