December 13, 2011

We needed and Angel.

I am not sure where our Angel went for our Christmas tree.
But we could not find her  :(
I wonder if she went.
When we had our clearance sale before we moved,
and anything that was not bolted or glued down WENT....

Hubby's mission I think was we were moving taking with us only the
clothes we were wearing :) 
Well that didn't happen but it was close.

Anyway our Angel was gone.
So MissK and I decided to make one.

Here is what we used.
Silver pipe cleaners
Bon Bon tubes
Glitter glue in tube
White Felt
Flesh coloured paint
Red Paint
Foam Egg Shapes
Toy stick on eyes
Glitter Butterfly large
Doll Hair
All purchased from Spotlight for about $20
An Organza bottle gift bag (purchased from the local $2 shop)

MissK then painted the head flesh pink.

I wrapped the bon bon cylinder in felt and used the hot glue gun to stick it down.
(you could use toilet roll but we didn't as we thought it was a bit flimsy)

I then wrapped the silver pipe cleaner around the cylinder to get a circle and 
wrapped the end around.
To form a halo

then we put the cylinder inside the organza bag
and pulled the strings tight and glued it to the cylinder.
Cut the bag about 3cm longer than the end to form the skirt.

MissK stuck the eyes on using the hot glue gun.
We also stuck her halo into place.

Then we had so much fun sticking the hair into place,
again using the hot glue gun.
Have to love a good hot glue gun :)

 Front view with her hair half done.
Starting to look like an Angel.

We then stuck her wings on.
I pulled the butterfly in two because the wings were not quite wide enough.

Back view of wings and hair.

MissK painted her lips and stuck a pearl pin in for her nose.

MissK now places her in pride of place on top of our Christmas Tree.
We have a beautiful Angel.

All that was required is about an hour and some imagination and you too can have an Angel.


Karmi84 said...

hehe very creative, the tree can not go without an angel, we don't have one on our tree we have a star instead but it is just as nice it is pretty

Natalie said...

we're missing our star. Just cant find it after out move. Might have to get my daughter to make us an angel instead

Natalie said...

I forgot to say, I love your angel, great work.