February 21, 2012

The Face Behind (Frilly's Designs)

The face behind Frilly's belongs to the lovely Gill, who since June 2011 has also been the owner /operator of the entire Oz Handmade mall.  I thought she would be the perfect first subject for a “On the other side of the screen” post, which I am making a regular blog feature in order to introduce you all to the creative forces behind the stores on Oz Handmade.

So let’s meet Gill (aka Frilly’s Designs and the provider of beautiful Bunting Flags and Machine Embroidery all crafted with love in East Gippsland, Victoria)

Hello Gill!  (everybody wave!)
Away from the computer and the world of virtual shopping Gill is a very busy lady in her “other” roles as a full time mother / part-time wife (her hubby works away).  She has also taken on the role of (very proud) Mum of the Campus Captain for her daughter , has three adult step children and two teenagers of her own, and last month became Step-Nana to a beautiful little girl.   

Green Chalk Cloth Bunting - personalise it yourself with chalk!
Pink Chalk Cloth Bunting - personalise it yourself with chalk!
The story behind Frilly’s Designs is one of a love of handicraft been passed from one generation to the next.  Gill’s Nana would sit a very young Gill on her knee in front of the sewing machine, teaching her how to guide fabric through while she worked the foot pedal, passing on to her granddaughter a love of sewing - the same love of sewing that Gill’s own mother inherited.  Sadly Gill’s Nana passed away 18 months ago and while she was sick in hospital she told Gill she wanted to see her do something special with her craft.  Gill kept her promise that she would, forming Frilly’s Designs in honour of the two women who together planted, and then nurtured, her love of sewing. 
One of Frilly's personalised buntings!

For Gill the most rewarding part of her business is seeing the smile from someone who has received one of her creations or getting feedback from a customer telling of their love for her work.  And of course hearing from another maker that her creations are beautiful is its own special reward. 

On the flip side the most frustrating part has to be waiting to see the end product, with Gill freely admitting that she can be a little impatient, wanting things finished before she has even started.  This is because of how excited she gets about what she plans to create and sometime been able to wiggle her nose like Samantha and have it be done would be a good thing.

If there is one lesson Gill has learnt on her journey so far it is this - housework can wait; creating is so much more fun.

Frillys Designs can be also found at Gill’s local “mini makery” which is located in The Stables ArtGallery in Bairnsdale, Victoria  and this month will also see another first when she takes her craft to Sale, Victoria for her first real-life market.

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