February 5, 2012

Oh my! MM! mmmmmmm!

So a few posts back I shared with you a photo of some goodies I'd received in the post from the Oz Store.  Included in that postie love was 2 copies of Mollie Makes which I promised I would be back to tell you about.

Well better late then never!

I've been getting MM (as I shall henceforth refer to the magazine in question) since the first issue and for me the wait between issues is too long.  

So what is so great about it I hear you ask.  It is a virtual visual feast and inspiration can be found on every page.  

The tag line on the cover reads 
making thrifting collecting crafting

and that is exactly what this publication is about.  I am especially enthralled by the hand-stitch embroidery designs, the patterns for which are a regular feature in the magazine.  

Even the advertisements are worthy of a more detailed inspection and I am often drawn to visit the websites of those hawking their wares, knowing full well that this is an English magazine and I will (as is always the way) find some object of desire where the postage ends up been more then the item price.  

The magazine is also available in digital form but even for a die hard e-reader like me this magazine needs to be beholden in all its paper glory to fully enjoy the visual orgy it provides.

As an added bonus the paper copy often comes with a little envelope of crafty goodness attached to the front.  I have a feeling it is actually something that is included with every issue at its local point of distribution but is a bit hit and miss with the imported copies.  

Included on the latest issue was an adorable little needle case and for me the timing was perfect as having been inspired to return to my old embroidery habits I needed a safe way to stash needles in my handbag (I can admit that yes I am a Nana, I usually carry a handicraft of some kind with me at all times just in case I am afforded a rare moment to create).

I photographed the process, quick as it was, to share with you so stay tuned for pictures of that, coming soon to a blog near you!

Yours in craftiness

Holly x

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