January 10, 2012

A Vintage Dress

Well I did it.  I cut into my "vintage" stash - and what better place to start then at the top with my pièce de résistance - those wonderful Holly Hobbie sheets

After cutting came sewing...

And before I knew it I was ironing the finished item!

TADAH! Here is it (modelled by my new addition "Daniel" as named by Master 4 and the only reason I can  fathom for that choice of  names it is that it rhymes with his own name - Nathaniel)

On a side note I am also loving instagram (just in case you couldn't tell from the pictures)

Yours in sewing,



Gill @Frilly's Designs said...

Oh wow Holly love this dress and the fabric brings back so many memories, so will this be for sale in your OZ Store?

Holly and Or Elsie! said...

This dress was made for the wonderful friend who selflessly gifted me the sheets. But I am sure there will be a Holly Hobbie item or two that finds its way on to Oz in search of a new home :)

Anonymous said...

awww selflessly... Don't know about that! I'm thankful I could give them to someone who truly appreciated them. Thanks Holly. This dress is totally priceless. Once Eve grows out of it, I will be putting it away as a keepsake. - Hannah