January 12, 2012

What makes you smile?

I put the call out to the OZ Handmade stores and asked them to send me a photo of what makes them smile?

Here is what I got....

Natalie from Cheeky Jasmine sent me a photo of Bagnalls beach at sunset in Nelson Bay.
This makes Natalie smile, I have to agree that this photo made me smile.

Holly from Puppy Dogs Tails sent a photo of her little helpers after they had been baking. You have to agree cute kids and licking the bowl after baking make you smile.

Gill from Frillys Designs and OZ Handmade, says coffee makes her smile.
Gill is known for being a bit of a coffee snob and proud of it. Hmm the smell of coffee first thing in the morning.

Tell us what makes you smile!

1 comment:

Holly @ Or Elsie! said...

Natalie's photo is amazing. Love the way the plants create a natural border!